Iron Snout

Iron Snout

Date added: 07/03/2018

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Let’s jump into the cartoon world of a little pig and help him become a brave and skillful warrior of y8 best games. The game allows you to play in both smartphones and web browsers. With the simple rule play and lovely images, the game will attack you definitely.

In this game, you will play a role of a piglet and your mission is to control him to knock the foes down alone. You are prepared no weapon. Thus, your victory depends on your reaction and intelligence. However, your opponents are equipped many types of weapons such as saws, balls, knives and so on.

At first, the rivals at y8 games online appear one by one so that it is easy for you to defeat. After a time, the countless wolf attackers coming from both sides wave by wave. Thus, to stay alive, you must act fast to kill them. They harm you by throwing their weapons at you. Watch out and jump higher to avoid them.

Punch, jump, kick and crouch them to eliminate them easier. After a time, the flying rocket kamikazes appear to kill you from the sky. Pay hight attention in order not to touch them. Then, a suspended ball shakes above you, just duck your head and you will evade it in this puzzle game.

You can choose to play in the forest or in the city. One more attraction is that you can fight against your friend with 2-play mode, otherwise choose one-player mode instead. Each dead wolf brings you one point. It means you gain more points by eliminating a large number of wolves. You have 10 lives and you lose one of them as you get injure and you are the loser when all of them are gone.

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Game controls:

Control your character by arrows or WASD.

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