Puppet Soccer Fighters

Puppet Soccer Fighters

Date added: 20/04/2018

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Puppet Soccer Fighters is an awesome soccer game which you can play on y8 games for free. World Cup 2018 is coming, are you eager to take part in this competition? Control puppets in intense 1-on-1 footbal match, beat all the arena finger puppets and become the legend!

You and your opponent are in the yard with the net behind. Your mission in this game is to not only score but also destroy your enemy. Try to approach, stay before the goal and wait for a chance to score. In addition, you can forward and backward run can alter the free kick height.

Don’t forget to prevent your opponent from scoring and attack you. Besides hitting the ball to the net, you also have to attack your foe by hitting the power-ups and freezing him in y8 games for kids. Both you and your competitor have the health bar. The person whose bar runs out of first will lose the game.

As you win, you receive the prize money. When you progress to new an arena, you will get new players with increased statistics. Use this money to buy more powerful characters such as Bluehair Borja or Plague Doctor Zizou, Bluehair Borja, Plague Doctor Zizou or Welder Nolito. Perform free kicks in best physics simulation with this game. The goals will expand to speed up the match progress when you reach the overtime. Can you show off the wonderful defense style or wide winger Plague Doctor Zizou, the offensive strategy like Hipster Halilovic, and midfielder all at the same time?

You can also collect special silver shields to get protection against negative power-ups.

We are happy to see your feedback and rating in the review. Introduce this game to your buddies to have fun in the free time. Explore more games like Big Bird Racing and Speedplay World Soccer 3 at http://y8games.games/.

Game controls:

 Use up arrow to jump, left and right arrow to move, space bar to use a special ability, and down arrow to kick.

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