The Saboteur

The Saboteur

Date added: 26/03/2018

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The Saboteur is a fascinating first-person shooting game that you can play for free on y8 action games. It presents a set of exciting challenges for you to test and practice your fighting skills. You are in a deserted city which is under a military invasion and attacked by waves of enemy soldiers.

You are the only one who is still alive in this dead area and your goal is to bring light back to this land as well as kill all the enemies to save yourself and your hometown. Before the first wave of attacks starts, you have 18 seconds to warm up. Run fast to the table containing a variety of weapons, pick one of them and collect as many bullets as possible and get ready to confront to the high way of enemies in y8 games for school. Besides, you can grab the rescue box in case you are injured.

After 18 seconds, the opponent’s army appears, aim and shoot them to eliminate them before they have the chance to shoot you. After killing the first wave, many other waves are coming. Thus, you must eliminate all the soldiers to proceed to the next wave. They are smart and act fast. That means you have to react quickly in order to kill them.

There are plenty of weapons for you to select: the shotguns or machine guns, the bombs and so on. Try them all to discover the strength and weakness of them. See your health on the left corner of the screen. It is 100 at first, when you are injured, it decreases a little bit and you lose your life as it runs out. Make as many headshots as you can to slay the foes faster.

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Game controls:

Use WASD or arrow keys to move, R to reload, F to pick-up item, Left click to shoot, Ctrl to crouch, Number keys to switch the weapon, C to switch the camera, Spacebar to jump, and P to pause.

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