Zombie Wars

One day, waves of evil zombies attacked the earth from the sky. They are descending on the earth with airborne parachutes. What should we do to protect human life? Hurry up! Jump into Zombie Wars game at Y8 free games and shoot them down with your shooting talent and ability. Time is running out! They are attacking very fast. Prevent them immediately!

Zombies will attack humans in waves, so you must shoot them quickly and accurately before they reach the ground. Use your mouse to shoot the zombies by pointing at them on the screen. Keep an eye on all sides because zombies can appear everywhere at fast speeds in the game at Y8 action games. In addition, you can use some special help on the screen as bombs. When you hit the bombs, it explodes and destroys many enemies in a large space. So you can save time and earn more points.

However, these bombs will move very fast, so you have to hit the right time and place to get the best effect. In particular at Y8 free games, you should use these bombs to destroy the waves of enemies in large numbers to destroy everything with just one hit. It is attractive enough for you?

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Instruction to play:

How to play? Use the mouse to shoot all of zombies on the screen.