No Prob-lamas

No Prob-lamas

Date added: 27/02/2020

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Like the fruit slashing game but when you join the game No Prob-lamas at y8 free games is a new type of game that is slashing the foal. It would be great if you started now to be able to experience the challenges. You can completely explore this free online game for free as your browser. At the beginning of the game, there will be ponies from the bottom up and your task is to touch the screen to be able to slash them and bring you some points. But later the number of horses to fly was extremely large and flew in many different positions.

So you need to watch and use your nimble hands to slash as quickly and as much as possible to give you the highest possible score. But besides that, wolves are flying up and mixed with horses and you need to dodge them. If you touch them then your game will fail. Let's become smart players and complete all the tasks that the game offers. Relax now and enjoy the great things and common games offered.

The ponies will bring you much luck in this game to become the leader. Let's have more fun in the game No Prob-lamas at Do not forget to share this fascinating game with your friends and invite your friends to join the game today for the opportunity to relax and have great moments. If you are interested in this game genre, why don't you experience some other interesting game genres like Brave Triangle and Maze Monster

Game controls:

Use mouse to destroy the horses.

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