Hydro Storm 2

Hydro Storm 2

Date added: 10/01/2022

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Hydro Storm 2 is in the category of  Racing, enjoy playing this games on Y8 gamesSomewhere, on the treacherous waves of tomorrow, where law is non-existent, and lady justice has packed her bags... Xform Games presents Hydro Storm 2. The most post apocalyptic jetski racer from the future.

Share with friends and find a way to free the princess quickly with your special skills. We also suggest some of the latest games with the same theme as this game like Train Surfers. Did you choose the most suitable game to relax? 


Game controls:

[WASD]/[ARROWKEYS] - Steer [Z]/[LMB] - Primary weapon [X]/[RMB] - Secondary weapon [ESC]/[P] - Pause game [M] - Mute sound

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