OutGun .io

OutGun .io is an awesome futuristic online multiplayer car battle game which is playable on y8 kid games for free. This game is created for people who like speeding around and fighting against other players because it is the perfect combination of shooting and racing game. Thus, you can take part in and immerse yourself in an epic car battle with other gamers coming from different countries.

It is exciting that you can drive in a landscape full of bright neon lights and an awesome glowing cityscape. The ground has plenty of green and red light rays. Move around the area to explore the sparkling interesting land and compete with a variety of racers in the world. Before playing, name your character and enjoy the speed now. The weather can be rainy or sunny and it changes each time you play in y8 games for school.

When you progress, you can use your money to purchase many modern cars with the different color, acceleration, top speed, and armor for killing opponents. Speed up, follow your opponents and knock them down by smashing into them and using your powerful machine gun to shred them to pieces.

Besides, you must attempt to avoid their attack because if you are hit or shot, your car is also damaged. There is one health bar above each car and if it runs out, this car will be destroyed definitely. In addition to this, you must watch out in order not to crash into the barriers and obstacles. Try to survive as long as you can to kill more enemies and earn lots of points and don’t forget to make the beautiful stunts.

We appreciate your rating and feedback. Invite your buddies in the interesting race and explore many games like FlyOrDie.io and Gotia.io at http://y8games.games/.

Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to drive and click mouse or press space bar to shoot.