Ludo Legend

Ludo Legend game comes with a big and exciting twist. If another player lands on the same spot as one of your pieces, you get sent back to the start! There is no room for politeness if you want to win, so hunt your opponents down before they can get you first. 

Each player has 4 figures which can be unlocked with rolling a six. The figure now needs to run a whole round and reach the own stairs. Up to 3 other players try to do the same and can beat each other if they land on the same spot as a current figure. The one who is the fastest to get all his figures to the stairs will win the game.

Come for an enjoyable time with the colorful game, smooth graphics, and simple yet entertaining gameplay. More games of different genres, ranging from the simplest to the toughest ones, are waiting for you on our website such as Block Hexa Merge 2048 and Flipper Dunk at


Instruction to play: