Kart Wars

Kart Wars

Date added: 13/04/2018

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Kart Wars is a fun and intense cartoon racing game which you can play on y8 online games for free. This game is similar to the Mario Kart game. You own your kart and play in a field of beautiful land. The attractive feature of this game is that you can costomize your character. There are many handsome boys and beautiful girls for you to choose and you can also change their head, eyes, hair, shirt, and pants.

After that, select your vehicle. You have various choices and each of them has the different shield, speed, gun damage, turbo, gun recharge and so on but many advanced karts need to be unlocked until level 5, 10, or level 20. Besides, the playing place is also diversified for players. You can play in the forest, oasis, spookland, desert, or even in the sky. Each of these positions has its own territory and race track. Try them all to gain the different experiences in y8 2018 kids games.

Try your best to capture the enemy flag whilst defending your own flag. You can see your enemies’ positions on the screen. When seeing them, shoot them immediately to eliminate them before they have a chance to kill you. Watch out in order not to kill your teammates. Slaying the opponents brings you money and you can use it to upgrade your vehicle. Each race set an amount of time for you.

The realistic 3D graphics and cool explosion effect make you feel like in the real race.

Please rate the game highly and share it with your friends to relax in the free time. Tell me your score in the comment box. Explore more games like Racing Battlegrounds and Russian Car Driver Hd at http://y8games.games/.

Game controls:

Use WASD or arrow keys to drive, Left click to shoot, Shift to use nitro, and Spacebar to jump.

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