Forest Survival Simulator

Welcome to the online game Forest Survival Simulator at y8 online. You will experience many interesting things in this game. Would you like to start now? You will like it the first time you play. Discover new and unexpected things ahead. We will overcome difficulties together. What is your mission? Learn the rules of this game. Game Forest Survival Simulator is dedicated to survival on an inhabited forest.

You are playing the role of a game character in the forest that crashed by the plane crash to find food and shelter, as well as protect yourself from scary native cannibals. You already have some goods, tools and even weapons like bows and arrows, guns and axes. The exciting 3D game will help players feel more relaxed. You will practice many skills to survive.

You will need to find a source of food to live, a safer shelter to escape from cannibals. Want to survive there is no other way to fight. Good luck and try your best to survive! The game has a lot of interesting and interesting things. You will be entering a new challenging adventure. The cannibals are trying to find you as bait. Stay away from them and use weapons to overpower them.

You will do everything well. Invite your friends to join the game and don't forget to share the fun in this game with them. And if you love this game, you can play some other similar games Let's Kill Jane The Killer and Fortnite Building at Spend some time playing the game and you will have many relaxing moments.

Instruction to play:

Exit to unlock the cursor, TAB to inventory, WASD to move, Left click to attack, Right-click to aim, C to bend down, Move left to run, E to interact, Nose Name To rotate, Right-click on the wheel.