Vex 5

The fifth instalment of Vex is finally here. In Vex 5, you can jump, run, and dash! Take your favorite stick figure daredevil on a crazy trip. Will you be able to conquer all 20 levels in the fastest time possible?

Vex 5 on y8y8 games is a skill-based platformer video game that plays similarly to the other four games in the series. The goal of this game is to find the checkered flag or banner hiding somewhere in the level and complete it. The levels are fairly difficult, with several traps and hazards. There will be checkpoints strewn over the area, and if you die, these checkpoints will serve as your spawn spot.

The game keeps track of how many times you died in a level, how many coins you gathered, and how long it took you to complete the level. If you reach the finish line in a certain amount of time, you will receive a medal, and if you gather all of the coins dispersed throughout the level, you will receive a star. The final goal of the game is to obtain the gold medal and the star on each level. There are a total of 20 stages in the game, and you can only move on to the next one if you finish the previous one. Have enjoy this game on

If you do not understand the game, try playing and follow the steps to overcome them. You also have the opportunity to share with your friends this game and other similar games like Stickman Shadow Hero. Surely you will pass all levels of the game with basic tips. Do not forget to save your favorite game today.

Instruction to play:

Move with WASD or with the arrow keys.R to restart a level.