Cut The Rope 2

Follow the success of the first game, Cut The Rope is back with the second version: Cut The Rope 2! The first version was a huge success and it attracted so many players around the world. Now you can continue the exploration with the cute frog at free y8 2018 because we are offering this game online for free!

Do you remember the storyline? In this version, the storyline and characters stay the same as that of the first version. Om Nom is back with his quest to collect the candies to fill his empty stomach. However, at game free y8, more characters will start to show up as you reach the higher levels. New characters are not the only new features in this game. Players will get to experience new game tactics, new challenges and many difficult missions.

Your main task is to think of a way to collect the full candies and stars for Om Nom. Easy as it sounds, this can take a long time due to the obstacles and difficult position of the candies. So take your time to come up with a solution that will allow Om Nom to get all the items that he wants! What are the new challenges? Are you curious?

If you do, come to to play this game and many more games such as Around The World Darts for free. You can play this game on both PC and mobile.

Instruction to play:

Play the game with your mouse.