Around The World Darts

Darts is the game that you usually play in the bar or cafe shop. But now, Our web brings you the online version of the game: Around The World Darts so that you can play anytime, anywhere and compete against your friends in the playtime. Like any classic darts game, your task is to throw the darts to hit the target on the board.

How good are you in a dart game challenge? The best player is the one who can aim well and have a great observation skill. In this game, the scores are recorded for ranking later, so try your best to aim for the hard spots. The edges will give you fewer scores than the center. The closer to the center you hit, the higher the scores you will get. You and your opponent will take turns to play. In each turn, you will get to throw three darts to the board.

First, chose the section that you want to aim. Then place the dart in the desired position and hold the mouse to show the running bar. This bar demonstrates the shooting force. Try to stop the bar at your desired force to shoot the dart. The hardest point in this game is that running bar. But there is no doubt that you will have fun playing this game. has many more games such as Sir Knight and Red Light Green Light. Don't miss out the chance to play them for free!

Instruction to play:

How to play: play with your mouse.