Puzzle Coloring Game

Are you looking for a game for your kids to learn the objects and enjoy coloring? Here at http://y8games.games, Puzzle Coloring Game is certainly one of the suitable games for them! The children love to color the pictures and you can teach them a lot about the outside world with the available pictures. Moreover, coloring is an activity which allows them to be creative and to express their thought through the colors of the painting.

In this y8 free game, players will color the beautiful images one by one. There are cute ducks, snail, goldfish, turtle, butterfly, flower and so on. Like most coloring game, just take the type of paintbrush that you like and paint each section of the picture with the suitable colors. When you finish, continue to the next picture. The highlight of this game is the sound effect. The child will have fun discovering the animals and listen to their sounds at the same time. By adding this effect, the developers of the game hope to educate the kids and give them more information.

This y8 game will bring you many enjoyable moments with carefully drawn pictures. There are a few rules which you should follow when you mix and match colors in order to create the harmonious vibe. Come to y8 2018 games for kids free to play more fun games such as Unlock Blox and Guns and Blocks

Instruction to play:

 Use the mouse to play this game.