Unlock Blox

Unlock Blox is an online game which is created for you test your shrewdness as well as help you meliorate your intelligence. You can play this game at y8games for kids. It’s not only a game, it is also a lesson. You see a rectangle-shaped board on the screen. On this board, there are many colorful bars like red and green but the only one yellow bar exist.

On the right of the board, there is an arrow and your mission is to help the yellow block get out successfully by putting the yellow bar in it. However, it seems difficult for you due to plenty of other colorful bars which close your way up. Push them out of your way by finding a space and moving them to it. The blocks can’t move horizontally, they just move vertically and that is also a challenge for you.

A great number of levels is waiting for you, get ready and make full use of your logical thinking to conquer the game. You have to pass the current level to unlock the next one. Many higher levels are very difficult. The time is not limited, but it is counted and shown on the top of the screen. You gain 3 stars for each level when you complete the mission in the shortest time. Similarly, you receive 2 stars or 1 star when the time increases.

Whenever you feel congested, you can restart this level. Try your best to overcome as many levels as possible to know your IQ. The game allows the players to play on browsers, smartphone and tablet so that you can relax every time and everywhere.

Rate the game and tell me how many levels you can conquer in the comment box. Share it with your friends to check their IQ. Don’t forget to try out more puzzle games like Papa's Bakeria.

Instruction to play:

Touch or use your mouse to move the blocks.