Gangsta Wars

Gangsta Wars is the gritty shooter game which you can play on y8 games online for free. Your city is invaded by the thrilling creatures. They appear everywhere and kill all the people they see on the way. All out mayhem has consumed the streets. You are a soldier and your mission is to stop this mess.

Firstly, you have a gun. You will use nothing but your loyal revolver to rid the streets of the other gangs by aiming carefully and timing your shot to perfection. Besides, there are many types of guns for you to try out. They are scattered around the arena. Move around your city and collect them. Besides, you can also pick the bullet boxes to load your gun or pick the health box which can heal your health when you are injured.

The enemies come in the way by way. Make sure you are prepared to take them all out efficiently because they will be coming at you from all angles. To prove that your clans are the true rulers of the streets and you are not to be messed with, you need to defeat every single member of the rival gang!

Try your best to kill them before they have the chance to attack you. You can see your health bar, if you get hurt, it decreases and you lose the game when it runs out. You gain points for each person you kill. Attempt to bring peace back to your city!

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Instruction to play:

WASD or arrow keys to move

Left click to shoot

12345 to switch weapons

R to reload

Shift to sprint

Spacebar to jump

P to pause

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