Scalak is a magnificent puzzle game which allows you to play for free on y8 online games. The game presents a whole new puzzle challenge and unique 3D-based gameplay. This HTML game brings you to the world full of special shapes and you must be smart to solve all the difficult challenges.

It is your duty to create the solid blue shapes in each level. You are presented with a variety of different levels with the different difficulties from easy to hard. In the beginning, you just have to deal with one square but the higher levels you are in, the more squares you must solve. There is a series of squares, each with parts missing. The pieces that slot into these missing parts are scattered around the squares. You must take a look at all the objects and fill effectively in all of the white space on each square by matching the right pieces in the right position.

After many levels, you can rotate the squares to find out the right space for the species. Sometimes, you have to remove many parts from the square and replace them with the suitable ones. There is only one correct answer and the game doesn’t limit your playing time, so you should think carefully about how you move each piece. The levels become increasingly difficult and you must match more complex shapes as you progress. The game contains 25 levels for you to try out. Can you overcome all of them and become a smart person?

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Instruction to play:

Drag left mouse button to move the piece.