Flappy Shooter

You can play Flappy Shooter game for free on y8 kids games. This is a side-scrolling arcade game which is the combination of flappy bird and snake vs block. There are many colored squares which are standing in the parallel straight lines.

Keep the machine flying when you shooting to destroy the front squares. These objects are diversified in color such as blue, green, red, yellow, orange and so on. They are arranged in lines which are parallel and each line consists of 7 blocks. You have to eliminate the blocks to create a way to go through. Each block contains a number and you have to shoot the equivalent times to remove them. For instance, you have to shoot 3 times to make the blue block having number 3 insides disappear in y8 games for kids.

If you fall or fly higher and you touch the border of the table or crash the blocks, you lose your life immediately. You have to click the mouse or tap the screen to keep flying. You should shoot the block with a small number to move forward easily. You gain one point for each time you shoot, so try your best to go further in the interesting adventure. Moreover, many blocks contain stars, destroy them to collect stars. Besides, you can speed up or shoot many bullets at the same time if you get special bonuses.

Your comments and rating are welcomed. Assess the game with 5 stars and introduce the game with your friends to have fun in the free time. Explore more games like IRO and Color Blocks at http://y8games.games/.

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse or tap the screen to fly.