IRO is a fun and unique puzzle game which you can play online on y8 games for free. This game is the wonderful combination of puzzle elements and matching three gameplay. The rule play is quite simple but not easy at all. You are presented with three-slot devices and many colored blocks such as yellow, red, blue, and green.

The three-slot devices are available on the screen and the blocks appear at the bottom of the screen one by one. You must put the blocks on these devices to create three alignment devices and each of them containing at least one piece of the block having the same color or you can create a circle full of blocks in one color. For example, you have to place the red blocks in three alignment devices in y8 games for kids.

After that, these blocks disappear and for each set of three pieces you match, your score increases. Besides, you get the bonus points as you get a combo multiplier. It starts off relatively easy and you only have three circles to deal with in the level 1. This number will increase in the higher levels. Besides, in each level, you have to create combos within a certain number of moves. For instance, you have 7 moves in level 1or 3 moves in level 2. Each level requires its own achievement such as you get 1 star if you have 8 points, 2 stars as you have 30 points and 3 stars with 50 points in level 2.

This game has great playability and will keep you entertained for hours with 150 levels to play. Try your best to conquer the game.

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Instruction to play:

Click and drag left mouse button to put the device.