Color Blocks

Color Blocks is a puzzle game which you can play on y8 games for free. You are playing in the rectangle table. There are many blocks in many shapes and colors in this table such as the blue rectangle, red triangle, yellow square, green hexagon, red rectangle and so on. Your mission in this game is to make them disappear.

These blocks appear line by line from the top of the screen. Each line has a different number of blocks. You will control the white ball on the line at the bottom of the table. Use it to shoot the blocks to remove them. Determine the accurate direction and hit the ball, after that, the white ball releases various small colorful balls. They fly higher and touch the blocks. Each cube contains a number in it and it needs to be touched equivalent times to disappear and the ball must have the same color with the block in y8 games online.

For example, the blue rectangle with number 5 inside need to be touch 5 times by the blue ball to be removed or the yellow square with number 7 inside will disappear as it is shot 7 times by the yellow ball. After each time you shoot, the first line lower a little and another line comes out. You must remove them before they reach the line at the bottom, otherwise, you lose the game.

You can see many colorful circles with the “+1” inside it. When one of them vanishes, you gain one point, so you must collect them as many as you can to gain the best score.

Your current score and the best score are displayed on the top of the screen.

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse to aim and shoot.