Hole.io is a version of Agar.io game that you'll surely love on y8 new free games. You must control a black hole in which you have to  eat everything you meet on your way. Beware of other players. If you meet someone who is bigger than you, you may have a problems. Enter the arena and face the other holes in a fierce battle. Have a good time!


The Hole.io is the game to be simple and funly to play with friends or the users from the world. You start with a small small such as small feed as a mailbox, the lamp and even to your development to your hole size. You are running with the time limit and the other users in this game at y8 io games, since you as a steam and the holes of the same as you will be multiple than hơn. You even can be able to over the player less than that you want to choose a item and is all of all. 


Tips: If you want to compete directly with your friends, follow these four simple tasks:

✔ Step 1: Open the 'Local Multiplayer' menu on the right and then create a room

✔ Step 2: Make your friends join

✔ Step 3: ???

✔ Step 4: Enjoy the battle!


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Instruction to play:

Controls: You use the mouse to move black hole.