MineWorld Horror

If you prefer Minecraft-style games with survival elements, this new game on Y8 game online is for you!! Survive in a post-apocalyptic world populated by the living dead that aim to consume anything that moves, escape by shooting, but watch your ammunition!!! Enter a world of zombie survival in this exclusive and extremely enjoyable new addictive game. How far are you willing to go? Have fun with it. Two police officers and a medic went to the mansion on the outskirts of town 12 hours ago. They received a call from there, informing them of an unusual situation. They haven't been heard from since. You've been dispatched to the estate to inspect it and await backup... Things, however, will go horribly wrong... Have fun on https://y8games.games/!

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Instruction to play:

Mouse 1 : fire weapon; Mouse 2 : raise sights; C : toggle camera mode; W, S, A, D : move player; Left Shift : sprint; Left Ctrl : crouch; X : prone; Space : jump F : use item; R : reload H : holster weapon; G : throw grenade; T : enter bullet time; Esc or Tab: Pause