Junglz.io is an io online game in which you have an opportunity to exchange to people who come from the different countries. The game is playable on y8 kid games for free. It is your duty to survive as long as possible by killing other soldiers and grow up by eating much food. It is not a difficult mission but you must pay the highest attention because your enemies are always willing to kill you.

In the beginning, you possess a spike. Use it as the weapon to attack your opponents. As you play, you can earn diamonds from slaying opponents and collect food, and these diamonds are used for purchasing the new and more powerful weapons. For instance, you can buy the spear with 5000 diamonds, the sword or the mace with 25000 diamonds, the lightsaber with 15000 diamonds, the Saxon with 30000 diamonds and so on in y8 multiplayer games.

In addition to this, you can also decorate your character with the hats, the skin colors, the tattoo and so on. Move around the arena to eat the food which is the dots with the different colors like green, red, blue, yellow to grow up. Besides, you must protect yourself by eliminating enemies. Make sure you time your attacks accordingly to hit your enemies before they hit you. After that, they turn into a group of dots and you can catch them.

You will gain 20 diamonds for each killed enemy and you get one diamond for each dot on the ground. Attempt to dodge the incoming attacks effectively and grab the opportunity to attack. Try your best to rule the arena!

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Instruction to play:

Use the left click to attack and Spacebar to boost.