Cartoon Mini Racing

Cartoon Mini Racing is the action-packed racing game which you can play on y8 car games online for free. If you are a big fan of speed and racing, you should not miss out this 3D mini car driving game with cartoonish graphics because it contains many modern cartoon cars and beautiful landscapes. Besides, the game also has the 2-player mode which allows players to play with friends.

You are behind the controls of a rapid mini race car and your mission is to race against your opponents and reach the destination with the shortest time. Before playing, come in the garage and pick your favorite one, but only the yellow one is always free and the others need you to gain enough money to buy. The cars are diversified in designs and colors such as red, green, blue, and so on in y8 games for kids.

Choose 1 player mode to play against the AI or 2-player mode to race against your friends. Besides, you can choose the difficulty such as easy, medium or hard. We prepare you many levels to practice and you have to complete them one by one to unlock the next one. Try your best in a local race to find the ultimate driver.

In each level, you have to finish 3laps and race against three opponents. Your rank is displayed on the screen. Attempt to rank first in each lap and gain the highest score.

We are very happy if you leave your comments and rating. Introduce the game to your friends to have fun and explore more interesting games like Insane Car Crash Burnout and Extreme Moto Run at

Instruction to play:

Player 1: use arrow keys to drive and H to respawn

Player 2: ESDF to drive and C to respawn.