Adam And Eve Sleepwalker

Oh, no! Adam turned out to be a very active sleepwalker, and we need someone to keep an eye on him and guide him back home whenever he starts sleepwalking. In this fun Adam and Eve point-and-click puzzle y8 game, the prehistoric character is lost in the middle of the cold ice age at

However, since he is sleeping, he won't be able to get back home by himself. Today you'll be responsible for helping Adam. It won't be an easy task since there will be many obstacles that you'll face on the path. How can you accomplish such task? The best way is to interact with objects and characters to help him find a way out of every stage. Moreover, you need to find a way how to get as far as possible and earn enough points because if you are too slow, Adam might freeze to death in the cold of Arctic!

The best player shall be the one who can accomplish all levels in the shortest time range. Can Adam get unconsciously back to his warm and comfy bed without waking up? It's all up to you and your swift movement! The most important mission is to keep him away from hungry polar bears, the dangerous edges, the deep holes and so on.

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Instruction to play:

Interact with your mouse.