Monster Truck Rider

If you are looking for a fun racing game to relax and relieve stress, I recommend that you should choose Monster Truck Rider. This game has many interesting and special points on each track. What are that special features? In particular, this version has been upgraded in terms of both quality, speed and resolution.

So, I believe that you will be addicted to this game at first sight. In addition, the game's panel is quite special. You can control the keys on the keyboard or in combination with the icons on the screen. Here, your main mission is to control your truck and help it reach the destination in the safest way. There are many obstacles and dead traps that will appear on the way.

Drive your truck wisely to pass through all challenges and collect tons of gold coins on the race track. Like other games, you only have one life, so all results will be lost if you have a wrong move. Another attraction that attracts players is that the graphic design is incredibly eye-catching and the colors are outstanding at All of them will bring you an exciting experience in life.

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Instruction to play:

How to play? The players can use arrow keys to drive your truck, space to jump and press some symbols on the screen.