Racing Cars

Racing Cars is an online game that you can play on y8 racing games for free. This game will satisfy your need for speed due to its unique features, the challenge tracks, and skillful opponents.

The winding road can make you feel confused, but if you pay the highest attention in this competition, you can gain the victory. Plenty of drivers are on the road with you. They are also attempting to reach the goal, so you must control your vehicle wisely in order not to crash the obstacles and barriers. If you crash any object, your speed in y8 games for kids is slow down.

There are a variety of sports cars for you to try out, many of them are free but many of them need to be purchased by gold coins. They have different styles, designs, and speed. Try them all to find out which is the best one. Besides, the track is also diversified but you also need to unlock them with coins.

Each level has 3 laps, you must complete them all to finish your task in each level. Besides, your rank is shown on the screen. Watch out to achieve the first rank. In addition, the game counts your playing time on the top of the screen. The less time you complete your task, the more bonus coins you gain.

Series of difficulties and interesting things are waiting in front you. Jump into the wonderful competition to have the best time right now!

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Instruction to play:

Use arrows to control your vehicle.