War In Space

Climb on your spaceship to join the epic battle at free Y8 game now! Have you heard of War In Space? This is the latest multiplayer game that has a space theme. The game focuses on the war between spaceships to gain control of the universe.

Do you want to be the master of the universe? Load your gun and prepare your spaceship, then come to Y8 games 2018! In this game, you will fly around the space and try to kill off all enemies. This type of game requires your ability to move flexibly and react really fast. Not only do you have to aim and shoot at the opponents precisely, but you also have to protect your own spaceship from the attack of those enemies.

There will be more and more dangerous enemies hunting you in space as you reach higher levels. Unlike other action games, Y8 game develops this game with the intention to improve your team spirit. Other games focus on the individual skill, but here you need to work well with your team in order to shoot down enemies and protect your own partner.

Excellent teamwork and advantage in large number will help you win the game. When you first join, space battle seems a little chaotic, but you will get used to it thanks to http://y8games.games detailed tutorial. Try to play this game and get more fun.

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Instruction to play:

Instruction: Drag your mouse to move and click the left mouse to shoot.