is a fantastic multiplayer io game which is playable on y8 games online for free. This game brings you to the international arena where you can compete with plenty of players from all over the world. You have a flail and use it as the weapon to eliminate the opponents to protect yourself.

Before entering the arena, name and decorate your character. You can change its color and choose the different patterns and accessories. Besides, you can also possess many types of weapons but only the basic mace is free for you to choose and the others need to be unlocked by coins. For example, the “dark lord set death star” or “dark lord set life star” costs 15000 coins and the “pygmy set rhundu” has the price of 30000 coins. You must move around a vast arena and attempt to destroy other players using your deadly flail in y8 kid games!

Collecting food particles that are scattered around the arena to grow your weapon. These food particles with the different colors are moving around the area constantly. That helps you can inflict more damage and gain a tactical advantage over your opponents. Besides, when you kill your enemies, they will also turn into food and you can collect them all. Attempt to hit the other players by swinging your flail – if you score a hit you will damage them and eventually kill them. In addition to this, you must avoid being attacked by your foes, too. If you let them hit you, you will die.

There are many other obstacles which you must dodge such as the moving objects with thorns, if you touch them, you will also die.

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Instruction to play:

Move your mouse to move your character and use the left mouse button or spacebar to throw the weapon.