Baby Elsa School Haircuts

Welcome to a princess hairstyle design game that is Baby Elsa School Haircuts at y8game. With graphic design with the same characteristics, lively sound. I firmly believe that you will be extremely attracted right from the first time you join. A new school year has begun, Elsa wants to design her a new hairstyle and have new uniforms to go to school. Can you help her?

The first thing you need to do is clean her hair. Rinse afterward for soap and conditioner, rinse them off and finally dry. Next, straighten Elsa's hair and then braid your hair according to your preference. Depending on your preferences, the hairstyle you want to do for her, then style and do the same. Does Elsa like this hair? I believe she will like it.

Your last mission is to choose for Elsa a uniform that is so cute and suitable for her. First, you will choose a dress, there are many different styles of dresses. You will be selected to choose shoes and briefcases. This hairstyle and outfit I am sure that Elsa is confident to go to school in the new school year. All these fascinating and fun things are only available in the game Baby Elsa School Haircuts at

Don't forget to share great things with your friends and invite your friends out and play today to have the opportunity to experience becoming a professional hairstylist. If you feel impressed with this kind of game you can join some other similar game genres like Little Princesses Park Party and Disney Princess Summer Vacation Fashion at y8 games for kid. 

Instruction to play:

Use the mouse