Gather your friends and join an epic multiplayer game that takes inspiration from the original Nokia snake game. It's Powerline.io at game y8 1 player! However, instead of a snake, this time, you will get to control an electric light that grows as you collect energy crystals.

The electric light has the shape of a snake with a glowing head and the moving body. Like the original game, you must move around the map and attempt to intercept your enemies to destroy them, which is the only way you can collect energy crystals! To kill an enemy, you must block their path and make their head section touch your body. But be careful so as not to be hit by the opponents.

Should their body touch your head, your snake will be destroyed and you can't harvest their energy to grow in size! There is a special speed boost which you can use to try and move ahead of your opponents. However, such speed boost will diminish your size so you should use it carefully. The outer border area is also dangerous – if you hit the border, your strand of electricity will be destroyed.

Y8 online 2018 makes such a cool and challenging game for the players by creating a feature which allows you to copy the link to the private room and send to your friends! How cool is that? Check out more cool games at http://y8games.games such as Knuckol.club and Oceanar.io

Instruction to play:

Use W, A, S, D keys to move.