Tower Archer

Tower Archer is a fun and exciting tower defense game which is playable on y8y8y8 kids games for free. Many bad guys are going to invade your area, they are coming with the spears to destroy your tower. You are in the higher tower with an archery and your aim is to protect your kingdom from the invaders.

The mission of this game is to control a mighty archer who must defend his tower and realm from incoming attacks. One of the attractions of this defense game is that you have to attack enemies coming from several different 3D angles. Your foes approach from all angles and you must rotate the camera and fire your arrows at the opponents in y8 free games.

You have many levels to conquer, each level is equivalent to each day and each day you have to eliminate a number of foes. For example, in day 1, you must kill 3 bad guys or your mission in level 2 is to slay 4 people. The higher level you are in, the more enemies you need to defeat.

To kill the enemies faster with one shot, you should shoot the adversaries at their heads. Besides, if you hit certain body parts, you can slow down the enemies. Act fast to hit them one by one and prevent them from touching your tower, otherwise, your base is destroyed and you are killed, too. It means that you lose the game and you have to play again this level. You gain 10 coins for each killed person and you can use this money to purchase upgrades and new and powerful archers.

Try your best to keep your territory safe and go further in this game.

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Instruction to play:

Aim by holding the left mouse button and then release to shoot.