Heraclos is the magical adventure game which is playable y8 boy games. You control a hero on a mission to return the missing amphora of the god. Travel around the mystical landscape whilst using your magic at each stage to help you progress on your journey throughout your time in this game.


Worry not, as we tell you more about what you have to do in the game at y8 free game and how right here, after which we invite you to let the fun begin at once! You have to always advance, and if you don't know the way, simply follow the fireflies. Also, use your abilities to get past all of the obstacles in your path, since not all of them are easy to get past of, that's for sure. 


Explore the different locations on the map making sure to avoid the countless number of obstacles that you will encounter along the way. There are 4 awesome levels to play that will require you to unleash the magical powers within you. Witness the beautiful artwork and graphics throughout the game. Have fun!


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Instruction to play:


Use the WASD to move

Space bar to jump

E key to use magic

Q key to switch magic