Theft When Proceeding

Theft When Proceeding is one of the most played games on our website. This is an attractive game in which you play a role on the professional thief with an aim of breaking into a tower to scrounge money. To conquer the game, you have to complete 3 stages named climbing, stealing, and runaway.

In the climbing process, you must break into through three water pipes by climbing up because of the tall tower. The time for it is 60 seconds. You have to survive and complete this part in the required time. Plenty of obstacles at Y8 games online drop from the roof, if you touch one of them, you will lose your life, so you must replay the game from the beginning. These barriers like the bottles, cans, boxes, and flower pots are dangerous but the papers are harmless. Jump to the next pipes fast to avoid them when seeing them because they appear suddenly. Besides, the gold coins also fall down from the sky, remember to collect all of them to enhance your budget and you will get 10 points for each coin.

After one minute climbing in Y8 games for school, your next mission is to forage money in an apartment. Find the hidden gold in the table and pick them all and each gold also turn into 10 points. Furthermore, watch out the guard because you can be the loser and lost all of your budgets if he catches you. He appears suddenly but we will warn you, then, shelter yourself under the table and after the chair until the guard moves.

The last mission is to run away by a parasol, jump from the roof and avoid all the dangerous things falling from the sky such as the rockets. Attempt to survive in 60 seconds and land safely. Congratulation!  You finish your task and your score will be displayed on the screen. We are so thankful for your comments and rating. also has other interesting games for you to entertain like Pet Subway Surfers and Run Sausage Run.

Instruction to play:

Use arrows to move the character.