Tree Tap - Money Idle Clicker

Tree Tap - Money Idle Clicker is an interesting clicker game that you can play here on y8 com girl games. The interesting point in this game is that you have many features to upgrade, such as Buy Clicks, Buy Idle, Tree Raise Time, Idle Multiplier, ... Each feature has different effects. Experience the game to learn more about them.


Your task in this game is to click as many times as you can on the Tree Tap to get the money. With each click, you will have $ 0.1. When you have enough money, you can buy upgrades in Shop to get the money faster. Finish the mission by opening up the scroll on the left to get a prize. Occasionally, events trigger and you need to make decisions: you can receive big rewards by making the right decisions! Try to get as much money as you can.


Once you have 50 idle gold per second you can unlock a special shop, and once you have 100 idle gold per second you can unlock a weapon shop. This game has unique graphics, suitable for all ages, especially children and families. After that point, you can set out on an adventure and delve into a story with decision options. Don't forget to raise your tree level offline. 


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Instruction to play:


Use the left mouse button to play.