Mission Terror

If you like strong feelings and are looking for something different. Come to the game Mission Terror at y8 action games to understand the strongest feeling. This game will make you very excited by its play style. An abandoned land is a good place to fight? I believe it would be a very convenient place. What are you hesitant about?

Join now to enjoy! Have you grasped the rules of the game yet? Do not worry I will guide you to understand. Your task in this game is to turn into a gunman. There are many bad guys standing in front of you and shooting you. Use your shooting skills, point your gun at them and shoot. Shoot until they fall down and shed blood.

Then you have completed the challenge of the game. But it is not so easy. Each time they appear more and more. To overcome this fierce battle is very difficult. So you have to be able to observe and be nimble enough to shoot them all down. Each time you defeat a name, you get 5 points.

And if you get shot, you will be deducted 1 point. You are firing very well. Try to be the best player in Mission Terror at http://y8games.games/ to discover many mysteries. And overcome the fierce battle. Remember to share this interesting thing with your friends and invite them to join in for the best moments.

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Instruction to play:

Use the mouse cursor to play the game.