Dragon Simulator

Why do not you try exploring action games with gigantic fire dragons? Dragon Slimulator - a free online game at games y8 will give you a whole new feeling. Let's get started right away! You will be attracted for the first time by the very mysterious scene. You will feel that you are lost in an epic scene.

Along with a fierce dragon. An abandoned city is definitely an easy place for a battle. You will fight along with a giant dragon with fireballs. Your first task is to control the flying dragon but around a lot of bad guys. So be careful and observe, to be able to fight the best. Your goal is to get rid of the bad guys and collect their souls.

It will be a bit difficult but do not be discouraged. Try to fight to the end to become a person with the highest score. You will win by killing and absorbing 100 of them, or else you will lose. So, keep looking for the bad guys and shoot with fireballs to destroy them. Does it sound interesting right?

Dragon Simulator at http://y8games.games/ not only bring you attractively but also a lot of difficulties. The intense battle will give you courage, bravery to overcome the challenges of the game.

Do not forget to share this fascinating game with your friends. Why not join the fight together to have the moment relax at the end of the day? That would be great. If you like, there are many games like Crazy Archer  and Fruit Master waiting for you. Good luck! 

Instruction to play:

Use the arrow keys, WASD, mouse, Q C R to play the game.