is an online io game which you can play for free on y8 io games. Because it is the multiplayer game, you have a chance to compete with plenty of players around the world. In this world, you turn into a marine creature and it is your duty to try to survive in the ruthless world of the sea.

In the beginning, select your region and choose your character from various creatures such as fish, crab, worm, and so on. Then, spend time trying to catch as much food as possible. Your food are marine creatures like the little fish or crab. However, it’s is not easy for you because the sea is a dangerous place, full of predators. Plenty of other players will also approach and eat the food. The larger enemies in y8 games for kids can and eat you. Thus, while you are hunting, you need to pay the highest attention to avoid their attack by going away or hiding.

You'll need to pull all of your hides and seek skills from childhood to get away if you find yourself being hunted. Besides, you can use the terrain as well as fast movements to escape to safety.

When you progress, you can upgrade your character to a larger and stronger animal. Above each creature, there is a health bar, it decreases as you are attacked and you lose your life once it runs out. Attempt to survive as long as possible to eat more food and get the highest score.

If you are fond of this type of game, please rate it highly and share it with your friends to have fun together. Plenty of io games are waiting for you in as War In Space and Zombs Royale.

Instruction to play:

Move your mouse to control your direction and click the left mouse to boost.