is the multiplayer car game which is playable for free on y8 2018 io games. In this game, you will become a modern car with a bumper and there are various players around you.          

We have a collection of eye-catching sports cars with the different colors such as red, blue, green, yellow and so on. Many of them are always available for you to choose but many of them are locked and you have to kill a certain number of opponents or keep yourself alive in a certain amount of time to unlock them.

You will start the game with a car containing the short and small bumper. Control your vehicle to move around this land and catch the food to grow up. Your food is the bright spots on the ground and its name is nitro. You should collect them as much as you can to lengthen your bumper in y8 games online for kids by approaching and picking them up.

Attack your enemies by hitting their body. However, you can’t kill them by crashing in front of them because the bumper will defend them. In addition to this, watch out to avoid your opponent’s attack, if you let them crash your body from behind, you will die immediately. The much more nitro you collect, the longer your bumper is. Sometimes, you can boost your speed to attack or avoid the enemies faster.

You gain points by eating the food and eliminating your foes.

We are so thankful  to receive your rating and feedback. Please share the game with your friends to have fun together. Many io games are waiting for you in like and Little Big Snake (.io).

Instruction to play:

Control your vehicle with your mouse and use the left click to boost.