Rooftop Snipers

It's getting chaotic at Y8Y8 online game as the heroes and villains are shooting each other. You need to come to Rooftop Snipers to bring the peace back! This game has two modes, so you can find a friend to play with or play against the computer. Your objective in this game is to shoot down the other player or shoot your opponent off the roof.

It takes five matches to win the game. The game might seem a little hard at first since your opponent doesn't die easily. But Y8 game provides a detailed tutorial for new players to follow. First, you will get to choose your character and your gun from a wide range of weapons.

Y8 1player game includes different characters from many movies, songs,... so it will be fun to go through the list. Picking the suitable weapon is one of the main points to win the game so you should take your time. It is also very important that you can protect yourself against your opponent's attacks. In order to do that, remember to jump to avoid the shot.

This game is not a simple shooting game as you need to outsmart the enemy to win as fast as you can. Play some games such as MineWorld Horror and Minecraft Hidden Stars . Let's aim and shoot!

Instruction to play:

Control your first character with W and E, and move your second character with I and O.