Bob The Robber 5 Temple Adventure

The most challenging quest in this game of Bob The Robber 5 Temple Adventure will be the variety of traps, obstacles, and strange creatures that you are going to encounter during your new journey. Enhance the game skills when it comes to dodging unexpected items and obstacles to keep your character alive in this Y8 2 player new game. The final goal is to steal the treasure from the cursed temple where mazes and traps are hidden everywhere.

First, find out the layout of the level before moving forward. You need to find the treasure while knocking out any guards that are stepping on your path. There will also be mummies showing up here and there or hidden traps ready to disable your character's ability to move so be prepared for those as well. Different corridors bring a variety of enemies and monsters that will try to prevent you from carrying out the main task of locating the treasure.

Bypass them at all costs and sweep everything away! How long will it take for you to complete the task of bringing the treasure home? A colorful and vivid animation styling will make your journey here more thrilling and exciting, along with 2D graphics that are added to emphasize the exhilarating feeling of the players.

If you failed to overcome the challenges or can't find the treasure during the first trial, do your best to survive as it will allow you to continue the journey and increase the chance of winning later. Our gaming list here at will encourage and assist your gaming experience as well as skill sets, as long as you are brave enough to tackle harder minigames online such as Prisonela!


Instruction to play:

Move the character away from the traps using the WASD or arrow keys.