Swift Cats

If you are stressed out and want to find a relaxing game then the game Swift Cats at y8 games for kids will definitely be the best choice for you. This is a free online game in your browser. Do you want to win this game? At the beginning of the game, you will appear with your team in blue, pink and yellow on a land. Your task is to shoot your teammates to the other side of the land to be able to destroy the opponent.

But the distance between you and the opponent is extremely far, away from each other by a hill. So it is not easy for you to accurately aim at the opponent. What do you think you need to do to achieve your goals? Don't worry, I think that you just need to have a good view and pull hard so that the opponent flies correctly so you can pass the level. As the level gets harder and harder, there will be obstacles and obstacles that protect your opponent.

So use your brain and your wits to this challenge, you will surely become the leader of this land. If you are unlucky to not kill the opponent and turn your turn, your game will end in failure. The game also has a lot of interesting things waiting for you to discover. Share the game Swift Cats at http://y8games.games/ now for your friends and invite your friends to join now on the game to have fun relaxing moments together. Why don't you explore some other similar game genres like Tomato Crush and Pool Club.

Instruction to play:

Use mouse to aim.