Toto Adventure

Toto Adventure is a platform adventure game which is playable on y8 games online. This game lets you immerse yourself in the wonderful treasure hunting adventures of a little boy. To complete your duty, you must collect jewelry, keep yourself safe, get gold coins and eliminate badass zombies.

Before playing, let’s choose your favorite character among three ones: a jumping boy, a star war soldier, and a robot. Then, enter the game and start the journey. The game has a range of different missions and you have to finish them one by one to unlock the next level. You are alone in a complicated maze, take a careful look at this place and determine where you can collect the treasures and where you have to defeat the enemies.

The main purpose of y8 games for school is to open a treasure chest and you have to collect enough three golden keys which are put randomly in the maze to unlock it. Go through the maze to touch them and pick them up. Many zombies guard keys and you have to kill them to steal the keys.

You will lose some percentage of life if you bump into zombies. Thus, you must jump into their heads to slay them or jump over to avoid them. You gain 2 points for each time you defeat a zombie. Besides, don’t forget to collect the coins on the way for extra points. In addition to this, the wooden box can help you press the button to open a way. Attempt to conquer as many mission as you can.

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Instruction to play:

Use left/right arrow to move to the left/right, down arrow to jump down and up arrow to jump up.