Moana Surfing Accident

On a nice day, Moana decided to go surfing on a beautiful beach. She had a great time and enjoyed the waves at sea. Suddenly, Moana has suffered a terrible accident.

She was bleeding and many other injuries on her body. Hurry up! She needs help and treatment from you. Play Moana Surfing Accident at free online y8 Games 2018 and become a talented doctor now. With this game, you do not need any skills or tactics to complete the task.

All you need to do is to follow the instructions that are displayed with the arrow symbols on the screen. What is your mission at y8 Games girl? First, you need to use paper towels to clean the blood and stains on Moana's body. Second, you need to use cotton to sterilize the wounds and avoid getting infected with harmful bacteria. Next at play Games y8, you need to bandage the wound and stitch open wounds on her body.

After completing the mission, Moana can continue surfing and having fun with everyone at sea. Great! Your mission is done. Adding an attractive choice for you to explore more with BFFs Girls Team and Hospital Hustle.

Instruction to play:

Perform operations with the mouse.