Arena Shooter

Arena Shooter is the 3D shooting game which you can play on y8 games online for free. With the 3D graphics and realistic sound, I’m sure that you can feel like in a real battle. You are in a vacant arena with other players around the world and you have to compete with them in a 3D shooting battle.  

You can join the death-match and fight for yourself or join a team to fight with your teammates. Before entering the arena, choose your arena, room and even your team. Your enemies are in everywhere in the battle, you have to take a careful look and pay the highest attention to kill them and stay alive. They will attack you whenever they see you, so you must slay them before they have a chance to take your breath.

You can chat with your teammates and even your opponents when playing in y8 games for kids. An arena lasts 8 minutes, the person who kills the largest number of foes and stays alive when the time’s up will be the winner. We prepare 9 types of weapons for you to try out such as sniper rifle, guns, machine guns, grenades, rocket launcher, and so on. You are allowed to change weapon as playing, so select the suitable weapon to attack your enemies with the best effectiveness. Make use of the weapons wisely to gun down your enemies.

Move around the area, find the bad guys and shoot at them directly to kill them. Are you strong enough to knock other players out to become the champion?

Please rate the game highly if you like it. Share the game with your friends to have fun in the free time. Tell me how many enemies you can kill in the comment box.  Explore more interesting games like Combat 5 and Tower Archer at

Instruction to play:

Use WASD or arrow keys to move, Right mouse button to aim, Left mouse button to fire, Space to jump, 1-9 key to change weapon, T to open chat and enter to send, and R to reload.