Alien Shoot Zombies

Alien Shoot Zombies is an online HTML5 game. You can play the game for free in both browsers and touch devices. Are you good at shooting? You are the only one who is still alive in this area and your task is to kill all the harmful creatures to bring peace back to the earth.

The rule play is so simple that you just need to aim and shoot at the target to kill them. These zombies can’t move and they stand everywhere on the screen. There are totally 8 levels with different difficulties. You have to complete your mission before the number of bullets in y8 games online runs out.

In each level, you have 6 bullets to kill 6 zombies. Take the best advantage of them to win the game faster. Aim and shoot carefully and don’t worry about the time because the time is not limited. The bullet can change its direction when it touches the wall.

However, sometimes the cans or bottles will stop your bullets or the targets stand in the difficult positions that makes you feel hard to shoot. Aim wisely and shoot at these hidden opponents. As you utilize all the bullets but the enemies are still alive, you lose and have to retry this level. Do your best to pass all 8 challenges.

We are so thankful to receive your feedback and rating. Please introduce the game to your friends to relax after work. Explore more similar games such as Lost Kitty Go Home.

Instruction to play:

Aim and shoot by using your mouse.