Beach Run

Beach Run is a fun running game, and you can play it online at Y88 games. There are many personas to choose from, and you can unlock skins with gold. While running, you can shoot to free your friends and build up your party. Note that if obstacles cannot be completely removed, avoid them. At the end of the game, you will fight an enemy. Go ahead, beat them and be the winner!

Introducing “Beach Run,” an exciting online running game where endless fun awaits! Immerse yourself in the sandy shores and embark on thrilling adventures. Select from a wide range of captivating personas and unlock amazing skins using the precious gold you earn. As you dash along the beach, unleash your shooting skills to liberate your friends and assemble a formidable party. Remember, if you encounter insurmountable obstacles, tactfully evade them. Prepare for the ultimate challenge as you face off against a formidable foe in the climactic showdown. Seize this opportunity, triumph over your adversary, and claim your well-deserved victory in “Beach Run“!

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Instruction to play: