Pirates Path Of The Buccaneer

Pirates Path Of The Buccaneer tests your skills when it comes to some of the most brutal and intense battles among dangerous pirates here at Y8 fighting games. The ocean has been dangerous enough, now, you will have to go head to head with a dynamic ship attacking yours! In these naval battles between pirate lords to capture the final winning title, only the best at commanding and fighting will be able to survive.

Hop into this great new adventure that is filled with sea monsters, cannonballs, spinning currents, high tides, and tons of pirate ships. Move your ship with your navigating skills and maneuver while being in a new battle. Your job is to move forward and backward according to the rhythm of the battle to avoid being hit by the cannon or flying bullets. Moreover, pay attention to the position of the opponent's ship to hit them with your shots. Once you are ready, adjust the direction and aim the cannon to hit the other player with the most shots. A dotted guideline will be perfect for you to estimate the direction and movement of your shot before dispatching it to the other side.

The ocean's waves and current will be two other elements that make the task of surviving more difficult, however, if you manage to take advantage of them, you will be one of the greatest pirates who can master the art of ship navigating. Don't forget that the free gaming list consists of some great games like Ultimate Disc or Trampoline Stickman, all with no cost and a variety of challenges for you to conquer. How about getting a helping hand from your friends to participate in more multiplayer games at https://y8games.games/

Instruction to play:

Click and swipe the mouse or the touchpad to aim the cannon, and release to shoot.