Brick Breaker Endless

Fun filled Addictive Bricks breaker Game, "Brick Breaker Endless" is out with excitement and fun. This Challenging Breaking neon bricks with firing balls will blow out your stress. Break as many bricks as possible and achieve high score. Shoot the Bricks in proper angle to break more bricks and target power-ups to gain better scores. Features: - Endless Gameplay - Free to play - Neon colored tiles - Special Power Ups

Brick Breaker Endless is an Endless brick & balls game. Brick Breaker Endless is a simple and challenging puzzle game where you have to create High-score while enjoying the fun of breaking and crushing the endless bricks.

Brick Breaker is a classic brick breaker game with modern graphics. Brick Breaker Endless is high-performance and optimized for a low-end device. It is compatible with major mobile devices, and play it for Free and Offline on the go, where ever you go, continue the fun of brick breaking endless bricks with you on

This game is quite free and it suits all ages. Enjoy your advtenture in this game and don’t forget to embark on other adventure in Pride Mahjong and Solitaire Daily Challenge.

Instruction to play:

Hold the Canon to fire the balls - Aim at proper angles for breaking more bricks - Don't let the bricks to reach bottom