Ant Smash

Ant Smash is a new interesting skill game that you can play for free at y8 games unblocked These aggressive ants are coming to invade your home, and your task is to smash them before they reach the bottom line. The gameplay is simple that you just need to click the ants to destroy them. There are going to be seven types of ants appearing on the screen, but one of them is very dangerous, and you have to avoid it while clicking on the others and get points in return. You will be warned about this type of ant before you start the game.

The number of points you receive will depend on the type of ants, which will also be shown to you at the beginning of the game. The ants may come one by one or come in coordinated movement. But, no matter how they come, everything goes at a fast pace. Then, good eye-hand coordination is the key to master the game. Try to stop the ants from touching the bottom line. Look at the top left corner of the game screen and you will see you have three hearts, which means you are allowed to make three mistakes.

And once you run out of hearts, the game is over and you have you start all over again. So, try your best to act quickly and exactly. How many points can you score? Come and show us your talents! You may want to play some similar games like  Tap Tap Dash Online and Baby Race Galaxy Check out at our site y8 game new to discover more fun games. Hope you have a good time!


Instruction to play:

 Use the mouse to play this game on the computer or tap directly on the game screen when you play it on the mobile phone.